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                Process Flow

                Advantage of Lost Wax Process:
                   The investment casting process offers many benefits including cost savings, design freedom, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining time, higher reproductive ability, and assembly savings
                   1. Low initial tooling costs: Initial tooling costs averaged over the parts produced are often less than other manufacturing tooling costs.
                  2. Elimination of material waste: Investment castings are essentially cast to size, thus decreasing the amount of machining required.
                   3. Design flexibility and capability: Infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations is seen as a plus.
                   4. Design enhancements: There are no draft requirements in the investment casting process.
                   5. Consistency: The process gives a reliable and consistent product order to order.
                  6. Close Tolerances: Consistently producing more close tolerances over other processes is seen as an advantage.
                   7. Surface Finish Improvement: A surface finish of about 125 RMS is common for an investment casting.
                   If your need is for a single piece component to reduce assembly and reassembly time, if your desire to eliminate the cost of fabrication and reduce the use of welding, and if you see as desirable the use of a casting as cast reducing machining time, the choice of an investment casting would be a wise decision affecting your bottom line profits.

                Production Process:

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